Free Training Advice in Malta

Free Training Advice In Malta


We have been offering free training advice with no obligation for some time in Malta and it has been successful for our business!

Its seem crazy to give commercial information away for free, but we have found that’s its developed a lot of trust and good will.


  • Clients can tell us their issues and targets and we point them in the right direction
  • Most clients and businesses don’t really know what is available for them
  • Showing them new options gives them better training opportunities
  • They think that their problems are unique, we show them that others have already solved their problem
  • They don’t realise how cost effective training can be made now
  • They have not access to modern training methods and techniques
  • The information they get for free allows them to make better choices
  • They usually find that really practical training is available rather then just theory
  • They are surprised how affordable good targeted training can be today

What do we get out of it?

  • Good will and respect for our business
  • The pleasure of helping to promote training in Malta
  • A customer or two if they want to work with us in the future
  • Great referrals for our business from people we have advised

Give it a try, give clients and prospects some free advice!

To book a free training advice session, Call Mark +356 999 777 59

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