Are you selling Price Or Value?

Are you selling price or value?

In a competitive market environment its so easy for sales teams to convince themselves that selling price is the only deal maker! Well, its just not true. Sales staff quite often find themselves in a downward spiral in terms of the prices they quote.

They tend to say things like:

  • Its so competitive out there
  • The supplier down the road is cheaper
  • Can I get a better price to go out with?
  • Clients are only interested in price
  • They have a “Poverty Mindset”

Well we hear this a lot and its simple not true or good enough. Our job as sales people is to give our clients a great reason to buy our products, stand out from the crowd and really add value to our product ranges and the service we give them.

There is no future for sales staff that can only sell on price, why? Because a call centre or website can do this faster and quicker.

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