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Here you will find help and information on developing your skills, Including:
  • Sales Training
  • Customer Service Training
  • Objection Handling
  • Call Centre Training
  • SEO and Website Marketing Training
  • Risk Management Training & Consultancy
  • Personal Development & Confidence
  • Communication & Soft Skills
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Sales Coaching in Malta

Training vs Coaching

Would Jose Mourinho, Arsene Wenger or Pep Guardiola put any player out for a match without viewing them in training and coaching? Would they take the players word that they could deliver the team plan? No way, they would look for proof on the training pitch....

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Business Training In Malta

Business Training In Malta


Quality business training for your team in Malta

  • We can asset you to improve business performance in most of the commercial areas.
  • Improving Sales Performance
  • Generating New Customers
  • Better Customer Service
  • Manager Effectiveness Training
  • Recruitment Training
  • Website Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing Training and Programs
  • Call Centre Training and Development
  • SEO Search Engine Optimisation Training & Advice
  • Affordable training for your staff

  • If you need any help to plan your training call us +356 999 777 59 or +356 2374 2390 or simply Email Us

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Has your sales team got a plan?

Has Your Sales Team Got A Plan?


The biggest single change you can make to your sales performance is to use a sales roadmap.

  • To focus your team on the correct order of the sales process
  • To focus your team on the clients wishes, problems and issues
  • To have a system of success that is logical, successful and repeatable
  • To make sure that all the really important factors in client meetings are covered
  • To help with training and coaching

  • if you need any help to plan your training call us +356 999 777 59 or +356 2374 2390 or simply Email Us
  • "Affordable training and help for you and your business"
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Better Sales - Focus on the numbers

Better Sales - Focus on the numbers!

numbers training malta

Get your sales team to focus and record the time each day they are actually doing their jobs!

I would guess that they only spend around 90 mins actually working (with customers each day?)

Check it out….

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Buyers Don't Care About You!

Buyers Don't Care About You!
buyers dont care

* 15% of their buying decisions are made on past experience
* 85 % of their buying decisions are made on the future effect of the purchase, how it will help them or solve problems.
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Are you selling Price Or Value?

Are you selling price or value?

In a competitive market environment its so easy for sales teams to convince themselves that selling price is the only deal maker! Well, its just not true. Sales staff quite often find themselves in a downward spiral in terms of the prices they quote.
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Free Training Advice in Malta

Free Training Advice In Malta


We have been offering free training advice with no obligation for some time in Malta and it has been successful for our business!
Its seem crazy to give commercial information away for free, but we have found that’s its developed a lot of trust and good will.

  • Clients can tell us their issues and targets and we point them in the right direction
  • Most clients and businesses don’t really know what is available for them
  • Showing them new options gives them better training opportunities
  • They think that their problems are unique, we show them that others have already solved their problem
  • They don’t realise how cost effective training can be made now
  • They have not access to modern training methods and techniques
  • The information they get for free allows them to make better choices
  • They usually find that really practical training is available rather then just theory
  • They are surprised how affordable good targeted training can be today
  • Call +356 99 356 357 for a free advice session.

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How To Select A Training Course in Malta

How to select a training course in Malta?

Here are a few points to consider to ensure you get cost effective training that will work for you. Read More…

Excellent Customer Service In Malta

Excellent Customer Service In Malta

Lets take a look at how the really great companies deliver Excellent Customer Service. Read More…

Holistic Customer Service Training in Malta

Customer Service Training in Malta taking the Holistic approach

We are often contracted to deliver customer service training to front line customer facing staff usually junior or new staff. It is almost always apparent that the customers
service of the organisation would benefit from training and systems improvement higher up the business.
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